I still the remember the time, when I was a kid and whenever I had an exam or something my mother used to give me the fortune kiss on my cheeks and I used to believe that it’s all because of mama’s love that I did great in my exams, but as you see this with other perspective you can see I was just trying to keep up my mama’s expectations.

Both the ways, I was getting good at academics and only my mom’s is the reason behind this. I am really thankful to her. Last night I heard about this new online casino slot named fortune cookies. Actually the same remind me of my mama. When I was surfing on internet I came around this and decided to give it a shot.

But as I started playing it with the free play option I liked it pretty much so I made the full download of the pokie app in my android phone. It is a 3 reel, single pay line poker machine that uses a fortune cookie theme and while playing the slot, the players have the full freedom to play either one or two coins on each spin.

I downloaded the app, so that I can have the better experience of the graphics and better menu options to customize the play option. As I have read on some forum that if you want better gaming experience then you should download the app on local device rather than playing it online.  And so I did the same and I was really amazed with the quality of the graphics and the sound. After playing it for some time I was thinking of going for the real money version as well, but I left it for the next time as I had an important business meeting in the morning.