Froot Loot

2 years ago when I traveled to Australia I played these fruit slots that are pretty famous there. And I couldn’t really describe the joy of playing these simple yet interesting classic slot machines.  I still remember in the early days of these fruit machines in United States.

When the people were getting fond of chewing gums, candies and artificial flavors that is where the idea of this theme arrived and the online casino companies turned this into people’s interest.  And to increase the consumption of fruits and all over the junk food most of the agro companies started to explore many ways of promoting this amazing idea.

And today I’ll be talking about one of this famous slot that can really be you’re most favorite if you adore the fruits more than anything. Yes the name of the pokie that I am talking about is Froot Loot. It is a 3 reel, single pay line poker machine that is being crafted by Micro gaming. As the name also suggest, this machine features a fruit theme, with all types of fruits being found on the reels.

Being a fruit lover, I also took the privilege of playing this juicy poker machine and it really felt up to my expectations.  The adventure and excitement I had playing this slot on my android phone was really indescribable. The sound and the graphics, while playing on the local machine was amazing , I would certainly try the paid credits version of the game next time to win real money as well.


Floridita Fandango

If you are the guy that wants a bit from everything and don’t want to spare anything then you and me have pretty much common to talk. I am talking about believing in the cocktails and the hybrids.  But it’s fortunate that I have seen many people criticizing these hybrid things.

But when it comes to me I don’t see anything above them.  I mean it’s quite a simple thing and I always wonder why people can’t understand this as the Darwin has stated it in the book origin of species. And today I will be talking this hybrid slot machine that has ruled the hearts of millions of players of the world. The name of the slot is Floridita Fandango.

This amazing pokie machine is a bar themed slot machine which is created by Micro gaming. This 3 reel, single pay line game allows players to bet up to three coins on each spin. And the objective of the game is to match symbols across the game’s single pay line.

When I heard that micro gaming has introduced this amazing hybrid poker machine, where I can have the pleasure of tasting many drinks in just one glass, I decided to play it as soon as possible. I made the app download in my android phone to have some fun and win some real money as well. And when I checked out the pokie, it really was nothing less than extra ordinary.

And because of it, I played it for some time and then decided to go for the real money version and to buy the credits; I preferred paying using PayPal as I was paying for the first time on an online casino. And I am really glad that I didn’t lose a single penny although win some jackpots as well.


Flo’s Diner : The Mega Diner to Full Your Wallet

There is nothing better than nice food in this entire universe, sometimes I really wonder about the purpose of human existence and the only answer that came in to my mind is to share happiness and the best thing to share happiness in my opinion is to share food.

Being a foodie I can certainly say that there is no joy better than having a nice dinner at your favorite place or top food cities watching your favorite TV show just like a kid watch the Disneyland shows. If you are a food lover like than I can bet you will love this amazing slot as well, as it offers the finest food for your wallet and your wallet will not starve any time soon, if you had this flos diner every once in a while.

Yes the name of the slot machine is the flos diner. It is a diner themed online casino slot that is crafted Micro gaming. It’s a 3 reel, single pay line pokie in which players may bet up to three coins on each spin. And apart from this it also offers some amazing features including wild and the player can have the privilege to play the entire pokie on just one screen and not to switch in between.

Since I am myself a big foodie, I also couldn’t resist tasting this delicious slot machine and decided to have a sip of it. And when I played this amazing slot I never felt more satisfied than this time.  but there are certain things that should be kept in mind while putting your real money into it. Yes I am talking about the reading and go through all the pay table rules and the payout conditions so that you won’t feel deceived later.


Fortune Cookies

I still the remember the time, when I was a kid and whenever I had an exam or something my mother used to give me the fortune kiss on my cheeks and I used to believe that it’s all because of mama’s love that I did great in my exams, but as you see this with other perspective you can see I was just trying to keep up my mama’s expectations.

Both the ways, I was getting good at academics and only my mom’s is the reason behind this. I am really thankful to her. Last night I heard about this new online casino slot named fortune cookies. Actually the same remind me of my mama. When I was surfing on internet I came around this and decided to give it a shot.

But as I started playing it with the free play option I liked it pretty much so I made the full download of the pokie app in my android phone. It is a 3 reel, single pay line poker machine that uses a fortune cookie theme and while playing the slot, the players have the full freedom to play either one or two coins on each spin.

I downloaded the app, so that I can have the better experience of the graphics and better menu options to customize the play option. As I have read on some forum that if you want better gaming experience then you should download the app on local device rather than playing it online.  And so I did the same and I was really amazed with the quality of the graphics and the sound. After playing it for some time I was thinking of going for the real money version as well, but I left it for the next time as I had an important business meeting in the morning.


Sizzling Scorpions

Did you ever try Sizzling Scorpions pokies, if no then go and play it? You will find it very good; it is a three reel and single payline poker machine, created by the microgaming. This event is based on the desert theme. It has many new and excited features like auto play and many bonus offers, that you will really like it along with this sonic boom pokies, thousand islands or spectacular WOW.

When you will go through with this game you will feel like you are at deserts and playing real. There are so many symbols which you can match on this slot are one bar, vulture, two bar, three bar, 7’s and the suns. But when you will hit the scorpions then you will get the jackpot with big amount. Basically it is a three coin betting machine with no deposit bonus which is very rare found in casinos. If you want to win the bonus mode then you will have to play with 3 coin wager. You will make max bet on any spin then you will be able to unlock the highest jackpot.

The theme, the graphics and the interface of this slot are really amazing and the soundtrack when you will play it, it was really pleasing. It gives you the many free chance to increase your winning possibilities. Most of people did not know that the microgaming company is the oldest one which made these games for the gamblers which they can play and win it.

In the last all I can say that I would highly recommend you to play this fruit machine which will give you fair chance to win jackpots and bigger prizes.


Prime Property

I wrote this blog post when I was an agent and advisor in real estate Company, I managed all the online website work there, and my salary was also good. If any person need any help to find a property prime location so I always there for anyone. But I wanted to start my property business for that I had not enough money and my friend also wanted a partnership with me. So I decided to make money very fast and as I knew gambling is the only way for it.

I started looking forward on this industry and searching for the good slot machine which could give me a big jackpot or amount which will very helpful for me. And I got a machine online when I was doing some work at home and I get a link of the casino on my mail because I requested for the mail letter on that site. It was a prime property poker machine based on the theme of houses and real estate which is created by microgaming.

It’s a 5 reel and 40 betting line poker machine and gamer can bet up to 5 coins per line. This is a multi-level free spins machine which has many big prizes. When you will go through the event you will get the feel as if you are on any expressway on which you will enormous prizes and by the use of the symbols you can earn the rewards. There are many symbols which are depicted over the screen and some of them are the gold, bars, red icon of seven and many more. The only thing which you will have to do is to make the arrangement of them in the active slots of the reels to earn and then hit them.