Enjoy The Amazing World Of Pokies Games With Real Money And Win Jackpot

The other day I was talking with a friend about believing in luck and fortune, where he had this claim that these things are over rated and one should believe in only himself. And on the other hand I was saying that although you are saying right but without that little bit of luck factor you can’t get success in life.

As I have seen many people with great potential still struggling with their careers and some who had just luck with them and got this success as a piece of cake in their hand. Anyways somehow our conversation came around this new slot machine called fortune lounge which is the best NZ pokies.

It is a 5 reel, 9 payline pokie that can be played most of the top online casinos and to win the bonus, players need to match symbols from left to right across the active pay lines. Generally, he have to hit at least three of the same symbol to score a bonus, but there are times when a few exceptions where hitting just two symbols in a row will earn a small bonus as well.

So, as our conversation has already taken this bent, so we decided to have a free play on it. And there we made the instant download of the pokie to have some fun, but as soon as we started hitting the jackpots I thought of turning this in to money making. So we went for the real money pokies and made some bucks while playing as well.